Unlicensed Contracting Is Out Of Control!
Homeowners and properly licensed companies are the victims.

Imagine your frustration if you found out that your plumber, doctor, electrician, lawyer, or any other person or company acting as a professional, has been practicing under the radar without ever obtaining the required credentials.
You would probably be pretty angry.

This is exactly what we have been battling for years in many of the trades that fall under the CILB (Contruction Industry Licensing Board) and the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation).

When a homeowner needs to hire someone for electrical work, the law states that they must hire a licensed electrician. The same is true for plumbing work, air conditioning, and many other trades.

Swimming pool and spa repair has the same regulations!!

And don't be fooled by the word "hire". Even if an unlicensed person or company fixes or installs something for free, they are breaking the law! Any service provided outside of a person or company's qualifications is illegal, whether paid, bartered, traded, free, or otherwise.

Simply put, *any repair to a swimming pool, spa, or the equipment, may only be performed by:

Here is a handy pdf Licensing Chart provided by the FSPA.

With the hundereds of mom & pop pool service companies around, there is a good chance that the person or company who is taking care of your pool may only have the proper credentials to perform your weekly swimming pool cleaning and chemical service, and may not have the proper license, or carry the proper insurance needed to perform repairs.

This can be confusing, because your pool service company may hold a certificate that includes the word "CERTIFIED", called a "Certified Pool Operator" (CPO) certificate, which is awarded to someone who has completed the CPO course. Homeowners are fooled by these clowns who are advertising that they are "certified" and "licensed", and while the words may be true in regards to cleaning swimming pools and chemical balancing, these individuals are illegally performing repair work that they are not licensed to perform, which puts the homeowner at great risk!

A "Certified Pool Operator" certificate must not be confused with a State Certified Contractors License.

There is a myth when it comes to swimming pool repairs, that has been spread around that goes like this,
"If No Tool Is Needed, No License Is Needed"


Protect your investment, and your property.
Keep these points in mind.

Hiring one of these guys puts you at risk, and while you may save a few dollars, it is just not worth it.
State Certified Contractors in the swimming pool, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning trades to name a few, who follow the law and jump through the required hoops, have investments of money and time tied up in obtaining and maintaining:

Imagine that you hire a handyman to do some minor electrical work, and something goes wrong resulting in a fire. Now imagine the horror you would feel when your insurance company tells you that they are refusing to pay for the damage because you saved a few dollars by hiring an unlicensed person.
It can happen!!
Don't hire unlicensed, uneducated, unskilled, or uninsured people to perform work for you.
Unlicensed contracing hurts everyone, and is unfair competition to those who follow the law.

If someone is dishonest enough to perform work illegally, why would you expect them to be honest with you?

Helping you determine if the person or company is properly licensed is something we are pleased to do.
Don't hesitate to call us at (239)-267-8878. We are happy to help make sure that any properly licensed company earns your work....even if it is not us.

We have followed up many of these guys who have made a mess out of someones pool or system. Sadly though, the homeowners who have been financially harmed by them seem to just want to let it go, and not get anyone in trouble. Therefore, these guys just continue to rob us all.
Remember this, if one of these people gets in trouble, it would be their own illegal activity that gets them in trouble, not you!

If you have been harmed by one of these guys, and would like to know how to file a complaint, just call us and we will be happy to help you get started.